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Roti Canai Dough

Easy to make roti canai. Our roti canai doughs come in box of 100 doughs.
Store up to 3 day in a chiller and 3 weeks in a freezer.

Making roti canai is an art, some say. Dough must be made with care, hygiene is important
aspect. Why worry about making dough, when you can start making roti canai using Ezycanai dough ?


Cheese nan is favorite dish for many Malaysians. The secret of tasty cheese nan is Mozzarella. Restaurants may try our Mozzarella.

Poori dough

Poori lovers, love to order poori at restaurants, only tasty poori !
Restaurant owners, don’t lose your customers. Choose our poori dough for the best poori.

Chapati dough

Our quality chapati dough is well prepared, to give soft chapati,